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  • Sara Feld

    As a young child I had challenges in school with many learning disabilities that gave me little confidence and low self esteem. It was when someone listened to me and heard my story was when I realized I wanted to help others. Recognizing my abilities and my strengths helped me find confidence and inner peace which is my goal for others.

    I received my license as a Clinical Social Worker from USC in 2013. Through my post graduate experience I have worked with a plethora of populations. I have worked with families who were victims of crime, assisted clients in a group home setting with dual diagnosis, led social skills trainings for children in schools, and helped children with sensory processing challenges and learning disabilities. My first experience with children and families was as a certified Montessori teacher for 8 years. Through this experience I learned how children can learn independence through experiential learning and can build the confidence skills within themselves. With these years of experience in combination with all my training and post licensure work I have found what I find works for children and families to learn and grow.

    I have completed several trainings in the therapeutic field. In different agencies and outpatient therapeutic centers; lectures, certifications and trainings that I have attended and have include CBT, PBS (positive behavioral support), Heart math training, DBT, systems family therapy, biofeedback training, art therapy, movement, and play therapy. I look forward to meeting you and I am so excited about our journey together.

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker # LCSW93602